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Giles offers a number of different services:

Transription Work

Giles recently transcribed tracks for the BBC Prom, "New York : Sound Of A City" , with the Heritage Orchestra and Jules Buckley.

Arranging/ Orchestrating work

Giles recently wrote some additional strings/ horn lines to Liane Carroll's Album launch and orchestrated some of her tracks for the  Christmas Concert. He also arranged for function/ wedding agency, "Ear Candy". 

Conducting Work

Giles has conducted small and large ensembles. He recently conducted Liane Carroll in a concert of Beatles tracks for big band, which he also arranged. He also conducted his big band in the recording session for his album, and his album launch at the Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, in July 2018. 

Copyist Work

Giles recently was a copyist for the ITV drama, "Cheat", music composed by Edmund Butt and Orchestrations by Julian Kershaw. 

Compositions/ Commissions 

Giles recently recorded his debut big band album, "Be In Today". You can find the Spotify link on the media page. 

Rates vary depending on the size of the job. 

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