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So, yesterday- we started rehearsals for the album....!!!!!

We managed to fit a big band in one of the smallest rooms in Guildhall... just! I was worried that the sound in the room would be detrimental to the rehearsal but in the end, it sounded the best that room had ever sounded.

We started off with a tune that featured Sam Knight on Tenor Sax (instagram post below!) which was enjoyed by all. In that tune, I asked the drummer to play in-between the styles of Martin France and Jeff Porcaro. A Slightly hard mix to get right, to say the least!!!

We, then, went on to do a tune which featured a lovely trumpet solo by Finn Bradley and some high notes from the trumpets, which they all nailed.

We, then, played a tune which featured the amazing James Maltby on Guitar!

We also played a tune which featured Gustavo on Bass Clarinet, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

We got to near the end of the rehearsal and we played the title track of the album. I was particularly scared about this track as it was one track I wanted to get exactly right. When listening to it, I felt a smile come on my face as I knew that the band were enjoying it and, sometimes more importantly, I was as well.

The rehearsal was then ended, for the horns and rhythm section players, leaving only the 2 piano players to do something special.

How will this sound, you ask? You'll have to wait for the album!

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