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Title And Featuring...

EXCITING (but slightly short) BLOG STARTS HERE!

I can now reveal the Title of the album!!! My debut big band album will be called.......

.. "Be In Today"!

The albums concept is about the human condition. Our strengths and weaknesses as humans. It deals with hurt, love, and being in the present, among other emotions and feelings. It also depicts fond moments in my own life which I have had no choice but to put into music.

Enough of me!!! .. Now, as well as featuring some of the most exciting young musicians in the country, it also feature 3 of the leading figures in British Jazz. These are :

Mike Walker

Mike Walker is one of the world's leading jazz guitarists. He has recorded and performed with George Russell, Peter Erskine, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor ,Dave Holland, Tal Farlow, Vince Mendoza, Bill Frisell, among others.

Tom Richards

A graduate of London's Royal Academy of Music jazz course, Tom maintains a busy freelance schedule as both a perfomer and composer/arranger/conductor. Tom has been saxophonist/keyboard player for Jamie Cullum since 2005. He was arranger and musical director for Jamie's 2016 and 2010 BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, and the 2015 "Interlude" big band world tour. He has also toured and recorded with a wide variety of artists, including Kylie Minogue and Michael Buble.

Liane Carroll

Liane Carroll has been a pillar of the British jazz and soul scene for over thirty-five years. Born in London and raised in Hastings; from the beginning of her musical career at the age of fifteen, she has dedicated her life to creating a deep and abiding connection with audiences all over the world through her exceptional talent, versatility and ability to truly interpret a song. As a recording artist Liane has gained much critical acclaim. Her four most recent albums (Slow Down, Up and Down, Ballads, Seaside) all earned a four star review in The Guardian newspaper.

So, EXCITING STUFF!!!!! Tune in next week for the next update!!

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