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...So, this is what I have been up to for the past couple of months- writing the album! I'm currently writing a new suite for big band which will feature on the album so I just wanted to explain bits and pieces about it to give you an insight into what I have been doing. As I get closer to the album date- more and more blogs will appear.

The suite will include-

- "Just Keep Running"- A piece about always running from your fears and "bottling up" your emotions so much that your fears and emotions catch up with you.

- "Ballad Of The Unnoticed"- This piece is about loneliness and the feeling of being left out and never really fitting in to any kind of group.

-"Whispers"- This piece is a cry for help!.. I won't say any more...!!

-"Reflections"- This is a special 4 handed piano piece which is about reflecting on yourself.

- "Be In Today" - This piece is about being in the "present" and enjoying life. I feel , sometimes, that we get so stressed and concerned with the little details of life and never just sit back and enjoy the journey...

So, there you go! This is just an insight into the madness which is going to take place!! More updates to come!

I cannot wait to share this incredible journey with you all!

GT xx

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