A Few Thoughts About An Incident.

Today, I was verbally attacked in a park this afternoon, for simply wanting to have a walk in the palk to de-stress and calm, and I have to get some thoughts that I have out of my head (please excuse bad language): 1. FUCK toxic masculinity- the way that society tells us how we should be and how we should be a "man", and "man up" is all wrong. 2. The fact that people judge us as being "weird" for simply doing stuff which is out of THEIR ordinary. I'm weird and I am proud of being one. 3. What gives YOU the right to intrude on someone else's day when they have done NOTHING wrong! 4. Linked to "1"- FUCK toxic masculinity AGAIN for mapping out why, somehow, it isn't alright for a "man" to show his emotions and as soon as he does, he is seen as being "weird" or "not a man". Here are my emotions at the moment: I'm upset, angry, scared, anxious, overwhelmed, but also, somehow feel relieved to be in the house. I cry, I laugh, I FEEL! 5. I'm SO overwhelmed at how many people have reached out, and I'm very honoured to know that my family and close friends have my back... but for so many people, this isn't the case. I wonder how I would have felt if I didn't have that support circle. 6. WE NEED TO TALK MORE! Talking to close friends and family today has really helped me process what happened and try and move on. PLEASE check in with your mates on a weekly basis- make sure they are alright. 7. It's not as easy as "Just moving on" from any horrible experience- there is a process. However, I will NOT let what happened get in the way of my life. 8. If you get aggravated by someone who is just having a walk in the park, minding his own business, then it is YOU who have a problem. 9. The outdoors is great (not sarcastic- GENUINE!) overall the walk was fab- I sat and watched some swans in a lake. Such a shame that it was ruined by an incident. I doubt I'll be able to go back to that park. SO selfish. 10. All I want to do is be happy, play/write music and live life to its fullest, something everyone should aspire to- I include myself in this. Anyone getting in the way of this should re-evaluate their life choices.

  1. Sorry- had to get those thoughts out before I let myself bottle these up until I combust!!!Have a great weekend all! Lots of love from me! ❤️


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