Recording day 2

So, we had the brass in today. Lots of singing, playing and generally rocking out (See video below!)! Then, we had Liane Carroll come to special guest on my album.... she was there for 15 minutes!!! There was also beautiful singing from Rosie Bullen and the brass section.....!!!! The brass section was sounding absolutely on point- we got some beautiful takes! I came out of it absolutely knackered as it was an incredibly intense day. However, it was all worth it to see the end result. HUGELY rewarding! Here are a couple of pictures and videos from the day! Looking forward to Recording Day 3!!

It's happening

So, tomorrow - the fun starts!! Scores bound, parts taped, rehearsals done!! We start the fun tomorrow at 6:30am (alarm clock!) to get into the studio for 8:30am! New blog post after every session! See you after the downbeat! LET'S.DO.THIS!!!!


So, yesterday- we started rehearsals for the album....!!!!! We managed to fit a big band in one of the smallest rooms in Guildhall... just! I was worried that the sound in the room would be detrimental to the rehearsal but in the end, it sounded the best that room had ever sounded. We started off with a tune that featured Sam Knight on Tenor Sax (instagram post below!) which was enjoyed by all. In that tune, I asked the drummer to play in-between the styles of Martin France and Jeff Porcaro. A Slightly hard mix to get right, to say the least!!! We, then, went on to do a tune which featured a lovely trumpet solo by Finn Bradley and some high notes from the trumpets, which they all nailed. We,

Title... explain?

A lot of people have asked me to explain the title of the album so here you go: The whole concept of the album is about the human nature. About our weaknesses, our strengths, our emotions, and what connects us as people. Sometimes, as humans, we have a habit of always thinking of the past. How we would change it, how we would make this better, or worse.Sometimes, we have a habit of thinking too much about the future, is it bright, what do we need to do in order to achieve a better tomorrow, and so on. Sometimes, we are so fixed on these that we forget to enjoy what is going on right now! Even if you close your eyes and just listen, you will surprise yourself. The title of the album, and the

Title And Featuring...

EXCITING (but slightly short) BLOG STARTS HERE! I can now reveal the Title of the album!!! My debut big band album will be called....... .. "Be In Today"! The albums concept is about the human condition. Our strengths and weaknesses as humans. It deals with hurt, love, and being in the present, among other emotions and feelings. It also depicts fond moments in my own life which I have had no choice but to put into music. Enough of me!!! .. Now, as well as featuring some of the most exciting young musicians in the country, it also feature 3 of the leading figures in British Jazz. These are : Mike Walker Mike Walker is one of the world's leading jazz guitarists. He has recorded and performed w

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